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flowers that bloom

Flowers That Bloom

It is time to ditch the clichéd styles and embrace something more comfortable and sophisticated for your little ones. Our exclusive “Flowers that bloom” collection is made with great care and thoughts, our baby clothes are designed with high quality fabric and unique patterns. These colours are timeless, soothing and a go-to for all young kids. Let the little ones to sing, dance and twirl in these.

The Secret Garden

You can never go wrong with outfits of minimal colours and sophisticated prints for your young babies. Our exclusive "The Secret Garden" collection of festive wear will let your little ones embrace their cute side this festive season. Made with soft cotton fabric and dyes, the baby dresses ensures no harm to your little one’s sensitive skin.
the secret garden


Winter Wraps

Some warm & cozy vibes coming your li'l ones way from our "Winter Wraps" Collection. Go for classic dresses and pinafore to achieve effortless style and materials like cotton and corduroy for unbeatable comfort and softness. Our fall collection will add a splash of vibrant colors to any wardrobe, and we can’t wait any longer to see your Li’l ones in these .


"Home" is a word your child associates the meaning of "love" with, and we think it is much more than just a place.. it is a feeling, a beautiful one! Keeping this in mind, we have handcrafted our new collection "H.O.M.E" for your child AND you! These consciously designed airy, breathable, breezy handloom cotton sets are perfect for just about any day you want your child to play around, enjoy, and relax, and you, want to feel at home, want to feel like yourself!
HOME Loungewear for kids
Slow Fashion

Timeless Fashion

All our designs are based on slow fashion. Our styles are capable of surviving the fast-pace of fashion.

Minimalist Designs

Our sophisticated products are designed with minimal colors and eco-friendly dyes. Let them grow in style.
Breathable fabrics

Breathable Fabrics

High quality, soft fabric that won't be harmful to your little one's sensitive skin. Comfortable second skin to your young ones.

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